Multicultural Awareness Program (MAP)

Using trained peer educators, MAP strives to:

  • increase the diversity of our educational programs, the participants in those programs, and our institutional partnerships;
  • enhance our ability to apply multicultural concepts and practices in our work environment and our educational programs; and
  • improve our ability to recruit and retain a diverse work force while valuing and building on the strengths and abilities of all our staff.

MAP builds upon previous UW-Extension diversity training, including work with VISIONS, Inc., and Michigan State University Extension. MAP is open to both UW Colleges and UW-Extension faculty and staff.

Please see our online registration page for a list of upcoming MAP workshops. Registration is free and encouraged for all UW Colleges and UW-Extension employees. Additional information about the structure and content of MAP workshops can be found here.

Summer Affirmative Action Internship Program (SAAIP)

The SAAIP is an internship program designed to recruit college students from underrepresented groups for summer employment that will expose them to new experiences and potential career paths within UW Colleges and UW-Extension. UW Colleges and UW-Extension are equal opportunity employers and no qualified applicant will be eliminated from consideration. Active recruitment of students for this program will be focused on groups of students who are underrepresented in the department or division that is sponsoring the internship according to goals outlined in UW Colleges' UW-Extension’s Affirmative Action Plans. Depending on the position and the department, these groups may include racial/ethnic minorities, women in traditionally male-dominated areas of study, and students with disabilities.

For more information, please see:

If you have further questions about this program or the application process, please contact Evetta Sloan by email or at 608-262-3969.