This webpage includes resources that may be of assistance in responding to or managing gender and sex-based discrimination, harassment, and violence. 

Some of the resources are associated with UW Colleges or UW-Extension while others are completely independent from either institution. 

Some resources are not applicable to a specific location, but rather provide information or support online, via telephone, or through referrals. 


If you are experiencing a medical, physical, and/or mental emergency or in a life-threatening situation, please contact emergency services at 911 immediately. They will be able to provide you with direct services at the time of emergency. 


To find a Sexual Assault Service Provider in your community that can provide services such as 24-hour crisis response, personal and systems advocacy, support groups, and referrals, visit 

Sexual Assault Resource Nurse Examiners (SANE)

SANE Nurses are trained to facilitate evidence collection and to provide medical assistance and resources to assault survivors. To find a SANE Nurse near you, visit

Evidence Preservation

Please remember that the preservation of evidence may enhance investigations, which may strengthen the ability to hold the accused responsible through the institution and/or legal system and to obtain a restraining order and other protective services. Evidence may include relevant communication (texts, emails, voicemail, etc.), lists of events and/or witnesses, or bodily fluids and clothing. It's best not to shower before a medical exam, but even if you already have, you can still obtain a forensic medical exam. 

Gender Equity Coordinator

Jessica Van Slooten is the Gender Equity Coordinator for the UW Colleges. To find more information about the work being done, please visit the Gender Equity site at

Campus-Based Resources

Each campus-based link includes resources and contact information for the Title IX coordinator, UW Colleges campus contacts, local law enforcement, medical and health care, counseling, and other support. 

The organizations listed under the medical and counseling headings are your confidential resources, who are not required to report sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination to UW Colleges or UW-Extension.  Please note that licensed healthcare providers, counselors or social workers employed by these agencies may have other confidentiality requirements associated with their profession.  

UW-Baraboo/Sauk County

UW-Barron County

UW-Fond du Lac

UW-Fox Valley


UW-Marathon County


UW- Marshfield/Wood County


UW-Rock County


UW-Washington County


UW-Colleges Online

UW-Extension Resources

UW-Extension staff are located throughout the entire state, and UW-Extension offers programming in communities throughout Wisconsin. Please contact the Title IX Coordinator if you would like assistance in accessing resources specific to your community, or review the county, state, and national resources posted below.

UW Colleges and UW-Extension Title IX Coordinator

Jason Beier
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
UW Colleges and UW-Extension
432 N. Lake Street
Madison, WI 53706


County Sexual Assault Service Providers

The Wisconsin Department of Justice provides information on county-specific sexual assault hotlines at


Sexual Assault Resource Nurse Examiners (SANE)

Find a SANE Nurse near you at

Other States' Resources 

(RAINN) contains contact information and hotline numbers for state-wide coalitions, networks, and resource centers for sexual assault and violence for every state across US here


National Domestic Violence Hotline

1–800–799–SAFE (7223); TTY 1–800–787–3224

National Sexual Assault/ Online Message Service

1–800–656–HOPE (4373),

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

1–800–273–TALK (8255)

National Center for Victims of Crime

Contact information and resources for a variety of issues including child/elder abuse, LGBTQ+, mental illness, stalking, suicide prevention, and suvivors at


International Sexual Assault Resources

(RAINN) contains contact information for sexual assault centers in many countries as well as international statistics and facts at

International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies

Contact information for abuse help agencies in every country. Information is in over 110 languages and easy to find with google search and language settings at